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La FARFANA in Chile is the world's first 100% energy self-sufficient biofactory and one of the world’s largest wastewater treatment plants. It treats the wastewater produced by seven million inhabitants of Greater Santiago, preserves the aquatic environment, and restores quality of life.
0 waste, 0 environmental impact, 0 fossil energy.


The West Basin wastewater recycling plant (the largest in the country), located near Los Angeles and operated by SUEZ since 1994, contributes to preserving water resources in a region that is regularly exposed to droughts, where 70% of the water consumed is imported. In total, this model plant saves 17 million m3 of water per year and serves nearly one million users.


Combining growth and development of a sustainable urban environment with 4 four wastewater treatment plants.
The objective: to ensure the distribution of drinking water and the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater for more than 2 million people.

CHESTERFIELD (United Kingdom)

Chesterfield in the United Kingdom was one of the most severely polluted sites in Europe. ​Today, 98 ha have been decontaminated,​ and more than 400,000 tonnes of highly contaminated sludge and soil have been treated.

POISSY (France)

SUEZ innovates to purify the air while producing green energy. SUEZ technology improves air quality thanks to the power of microalgae that capture fine particles, nitrogen dioxide, and excess CO2 to convert them into green energy. In the city, this technology absorbs the equivalent of the pollution emitted by 150 vehicles and thus creates a “clean air bubble”. This device has been customized for installation in a schoolyard in Poissy, near Paris.


A connected management between public spaces and essential services with citizens. SUEZ is developing digital platforms to accelerate the ecological transition of territories, optimize the organization of public services and ensure more efficient management of resources, as in the case of the Smart City of Dijon and Angers.


Improving services for residents with a digital platform built in collaboration with the community and awarded as the “Industrial Demonstrator for Sustainable Cities” by the French state.


Reinventing the urban cleaning service with digital technology, based both on citizens’ perceptions and on the use of innovative resources.


The cities of Coimbatore and Davanagere, two major centres of the textile industry in southern India, have chosen SUEZ to manage and operate the drinking water distribution system to ensure supplies of drinking water 24/7.

ALGIERS (Algeria)

Optimizing the performance of water and sanitation networks in Greater Algiers by deploying the AquadvancedTM solutions to ensure a more efficient management of drinking water networks, as well as the establishment of the National School of Water and Sanitation Management and the development of qualified training program plans.

MEKNES (Morocco)​

SUEZ rehabilitated the household waste ​storage site in Meknes and created​ an elimination and recovery centre.​ SUEZ helped the 150 informal waste collectors to set up a cooperative for sorters in order to sustain their activity and provide an income in the long term, while also improving their working and safety conditions.

DAKAR (Senegal)

Excellence for Senegal, a reference for Africa.
This 15-year lease contract guarantees the supply of drinking water to a population of approximately seven million inhabitants in Dakar and in several other cities in the country. Through SEN’EAU, SUEZ provides access to high-quality water for everyone, excellence in service and sustainable results. Emphasis has been placed on innovation, with the opening of a Research and Innovation Centre in Dakar in partnership with Senegalese universities.


Rehabilitating 400 hectares of lagoons and land polluted by urban and industrial effluents with a thermal desorption unit, a technology that, due to high temperatures, does not cause odors or waste.

ENI (Europe)

Optimization of the recycling and recovery of hazardous waste through a global partnership with ENI and the supply of a wide range of solutions, particularly for high value-added waste.
30,000 tonnes of hazardous waste treated in 3 years


Building and operating an autonomous facility that preserves the environment and improves the well-being of its inhabitants by reducing water and energy consumption as well as reducing waste production.
70% autonomy in water and energy

DANONE (Maroc)

Support of Centrale Danone – 4 production plants & 12 logistics platforms - in the implementation of innovative solutions allowing the recovery of all the waste produced and the achievement of their "zero waste to landfill" goal.
Integrated full waste recovery plan Zero waste to landfill


Contributing to the regeneration of the local ecosystem by supporting the PAMO mine plant to achieve 100% water reuse in its production process.

Gold Energy Efficiency Seal Award 2.5 m3 /s of reused water from the El Teniente Caren tailing pond

KLABIN (Brazil)

Implementation of best practices and sustainable technologies for water treatment at the world’s most modern pulp and packaging plant. Guarantee and improve the performance of water equipment through the Insight digital platform.
The total paper production capacity of the new machines will reach 920,000 tonnes per year

90 000 committed employees

Our webinars

2021-07-08 Blockchain for circular economy actors in 10 questions



What's blockchain and why is it useful ?

Webinar on the issues, technical aspects and uses of this technology for environmental transition

With the participation of :

  • Emmanuelle Ledoux, Directrice Générale INEC
  • Frédéric Cardot, Directeur General FISY Consulting & Finances
  • Julie Klein, Digital Offers Manager, SUEZ SES
  • Alice Lasseigne, Product Manager, SUEZ SES
French only

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2021-06-09 Organic waste: a resource of the future!

A round table on the place of organic waste in the circular economy, with the participation of :

  • Xavier LITRICO, SUEZ, Research and Scientific Director
  • Johan DE CONINCK, IAR, Network Director, Business Development & International
  • Paul Joël DERIAN, Groupe AVRIL, Innovation and Sustainable Development Director
  • Jean-Philippe STEYER, INRAE, Deputy Director of the Transform Department
  • Laurent GALTIER, SUEZ, Technical Director of Organic Activities

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2021-03-25 SludgeAdvanced trusted by CircularChain, le premier portail digital dédié à la valorisation des boues d'épuration basé sur la blockchain



Découvrez SludgeAdvanced, notre solution digitale innovante dédiée à la traçabilité des boues et renforçant la transparence dans leur retour au sol.

Présentation par nos experts :

  • Pascal Tampon, Directeur Commercial Collectivités chez SUEZ Organique,
  • Julie Klein, Responsable d'Offres digitales chez SUEZ, Smart & Environmental Solutions et
  • Alice Lasseigne, Chef de Projet digital chez SUEZ, Smart & Environmental Solutions.

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2020-12-09 Supporting urban growth & tourism thanks to digital, recycling & environmental monitoring

From China & Southeast Asia

  • How can we ensure smart management of water networks in Macao, a modern touristic city with a preserved heritage?
  • Can new analytical capacities be developed to monitor the quality of the urban environment in China?
  • Will the first-ever plastic recycling project in Southeast Asia become a model for the Region sustainability?


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2020-12-09 Opening to social innovation & engaging dialogue with local communities for sustainable, efficient water management solutions

From India

  • What measures are being put in place to create awareness for water conservation in the communities from Kolkata?
  • How to help 600 women ambassadors to become a driving force of transformation for sustainably manage water?
  • How have local residents and students in Coimbatore, India, become open innovation players, coming up with original solutions to their environmental challenges?


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2020-12-09 Zero residual waste and zero carbon: 100% achievable!

From France

With the participation of Josselin Blériot, Ellen Mc Arthur Foundation

  • How can we rethink our packaging to make it 100% recyclable?
  • Are connected rubbish bins the answer for the low carbon transition?
  • Can recycled plastics match the quality of virgin ones?
  • Can we produce biofuels and green hydrogen from our waste?


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2020-12-09 What are the innovation priorities to support a green and inclusive recovery?

A global webinar with Bertrand Camus, CEO of SUEZ

With the participation of :

  • Aziza Akhmouch, Head of Cities, Urban Policies and Sustainable Development Division
  • Jean-David Malo, Director European Innovation Council (EIC) Task Force, DG Research and Innovation – European Commission


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2020-12-09 Could a healthier environment be the key to healthier people?

From France

  • What technologies can be used to improve air quality?
  • Can monitoring our sewage provide information on people's health?
  • How can we "track" waste on its path towards its second life?
  • Which new solutions to clean polluted soils?


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2020-12-09 Climate change and emerging risks: resilience time!

From Spain

With the participation of Esteban León, Head of the City Resilience Profiling Programme, UN-Habitat

  • How to increase resilience to climate change and emerging risks?
  • How to implement a 1.5°C strategy?
  • How to cope with water stress, extreme events and ensure continuity of essential services?


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2020-12-09 The acceleration of Smart Digital technologies being deployed in North America has transformed the municipal marketplace.

From the USA

With the participation of Tom Ferguson, managing partner Burnt Island Ventures

  • Using computational intelligence to revolutionize water system planning and improve asset performance management
  • Employing smart solutions to obtain peak performance, address resource constraints, mitigate risk and enhance system flexibility
  • Providing a personalized digital experience for customers that creates, optimizes and integrates their data and insights


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